Podcast 0020: The Empire Strikes Back Turns 30!

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“The Empire Strikes Back” turns 30. Memories?

“Iron Man 2″ Review.

Facebook backlash: National Quit Facebook Day is May 31. Is this really a big issue?


HTC announces that the EVO 4G will be released on June 4. Could this be the iPhone killer?

Steam is out for the Mac – impressions?


Netflix streaming movie assignment: Duck You Sucker

Netflix streaming movie assignment for next week:

Podcast 0018: Mongolian Death Worms

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Review of “Iron Man 2″

Cloverfield and Godzilla

Remaking “True Grit”

Machete has a message for you: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44943

Prince of Persia


How Syfy is destorying/helping Science Fiction

Science Fiction Serials

Tech –

StarCraft 2 release date set for July 27.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package came out.

Netflix Streaming Movie assignment: Princess of Mars.


Red Green comes to town!

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Joe’s Red Green preparations.

Steve Jobs vs. Flash


iPad 3G now for sale –

StarCraft 2 Beta and Steam coming to Mac this month.

Bye-bye floppy disk – wax nostalgic

Remains of the Day: Say Goodbye to the Floppy Disk Edition – Remains – Lifehacker

Roger Ebert doesn’t like 3D movies


Netflix instant movie review – “Traitor”

Announce Netflix instant movie review for next week – Princess of Mars.