Shazam, Kolchak, And The Twilight Zone

Entertechment Episode # 51 Date: January 7, 2012
Podcast Audio

Kickoff question – what superhero/supernatural TV show from your youth do you fondly remember and why?

Joe: Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Kerr: Twilight Zone
Matt: Shazam/Isis Power Hour


Egypt turns off the Internet, how to get around it: It’s as if a million WOW players suddenly cried out in terror and then suddenly, silence. I fear something terrible has happened.

The Internet is full:


Verizon has its best day ever (cue Spongebob music) with iPhone pre-orders:

Sony launches the NGP:

Minus 7 man points:


Matt finally (after a year) finishes “Dragon Age: Origins” and “Fallout: New Vegas.” What’s next?

Dead Space 2:

“League of Legends” has been pretty fun for a free game.


Oscar predictions: -NEXT WEEK!

I still say he looks like a skunk:



American Idol!

Ricky Gervais on “The Office.” Will Ferrell will join “The Office” for four episodes. (MegaMind rocks BTW)