Matt’s Visit To The Command Center

Entertechment #68

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Matt’s Clan

Final Cut Pro X (10)

Bilbo Footage:,,20504849,00.html#20980350

Roger Ebert’s Facebook Page Taken Down:


The James Bond Franchise

We want a Mack Bolan Movie!

Old Movies we’d like to see

Humphrey Bogart / Arnold Schwarzennegger?

Summer movies we want to see…

Sean Bean is Tough!

Entertechment¬†#67 for June 18, 2011 –

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***Kickoff Question***

With Father’s Day this Sunday, who is your favorite movie dad and why?


He’s tough on screen and off:
Green Lantern Review!!!!

Feel Apple’s cold/icy hand:
Hackers target gamers:
Fresh Hawken footage right out of the oven:
ITunes Update — ICloud
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Lifecards – $1.99

***Netflix Streaming Movie of the Week***
“Black Death” starring Sean Bean

Super 8, Pirates, and Green Lantern is almost here!

Entertechment #66 for June 12, 2011 –

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“Execute order 66!”

***Kickoff Question**

Who won E3, Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft?

***Games Tech***

Duke Nukem Forever For Real This Time! (Releases Tuesday)

Microsoft launched a TV service E3 –

Begin Swarming!

B3 vs MW3:

Most likely, your WOW gold came from a con:

Jobs annouced iCloud –

iPad 3 later this year?

Poor Sony:



Conan Trailer is Out!

On The Set of Odd Thomas in Santa Fe

I just lost faith in this project:

Get me Nathan Fillion on the phone:

A “Wolfman” reboot?? Again??

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Review


“Super 8″ Review

Green Lantern this Week!

Kerr likes The Guard


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Super Stickman Golf

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Talk about “Starship Troppers 3″

Movie for next week?

Our Lost Podcast….Or Not

Entertechment #65 for May 21, 2011 –

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***Kickoff Question***


Since this will be our last podcast (you know because of the end of the world) what will you miss most about your time on planet earth?



Taking Minecraft to the Cloud –

Latest Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC for the PC will be out in June –

A shout out to the Cartoon Generals Clan –







The new Wonder Woman project will not see the light of day. It must have been the costume.



A first look at Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises” :


Smallville Finale



Thor review!




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TuneIn Radio App –



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Starship Troopers 3